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With Tablazines' Inexpensive Digital Magazine Solution

We make it simple for readers to access a publisher’s magazine issue on any device while making it easy and more importantly, affordable for publishers from the smallest to the largest to produce digital issues.

Unlike some of these companies that take your pages and turn out straight PDF versions of your magazines, Tablazines provides a true digital reading experience by tailoring our publications to a modern experience.

By going with Tablazines you don't have to worry aoubt hosting, updating, etc. You simply provide us with your content and in most cases we’ll put together your digital edition within 7 days. 

Click here to see a sample publication in action. 


In 2010, Tablazines launched the first iPad based hip hop publication, Hoodgrown Magazine. In Addition we launced Maybach Magazine, Band of The White Rose and Readers Mobile.

When we were looking to produce our digital publications, we found that most solutions were just way too expensive and geared toward larger publishers as opposed to the small guy.

With the relaunch of Tablazines, we are focused on providing an inexpensive publishing solution for any who want to produce digital editions.

$ 30

per month

Based on a 20 page magazine. $1.50 per each additional page.
There's a $25 set up fee.

$ 50

per month

Based on a 20 page magazine.
$2.00 per each additioal page.
User must login to access magazine content
There's a $25 set up fee.

$ 70

per month

Based on a 20 page magazine.
$3.50 per each additioal page.
User must pay subscription fee to access magazine content
There's a $25 set up fee.

We're still publishers at heart ourselves!
We provide the platform but we're still publishers at heart. We've utilized our own system to publish the Android manga magazine app, Shonen Giajin. A monthly digital English-language manga anthology magazine app, featuring the best stories by the hottest non traditional manga artists in the world!

Download it from the Google Play App Store



Tablazines' Digital Edition are geared towards..

• The person or company looking for a simple and inexpensive way to launch their own digital publictions
• The person or company looking to easily convert their print publications to digital ones
• The company looking to save money by converting their company newsletter to a strictly digital format

Whatever your needs, Tablazines is here to meet them!


Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. We'll get back to you as soon as possible

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